An Artist’s Dream

Romance, he thought in his dream
Beauty was probably the theme
The Artist, who created ‘the art’
Dreams in his dream, the heart

A beautiful way to know the ‘life’
Ecstasies of heavenly joys alive
The elegant mind met the dove
He reflected the signs of love

Creation of the art, was a wish
An art of love, desire and kiss
The artist, is an art of his own
Sitting beside his craft, alone

Life’s loop, creation of creator
Beauty’s in the sight of seeker
The artist woke, dreams shattered
Theme’s gone, the artist emerged


Depressed ! Am I ?

Worthless , Useless
This is what I am
A symbol of disguise
Depression in the head
The stressful journey to go
Can’t make it though
Why me? I mean why I?
Why the hell you chose me
In these billions of stars
Why just I, the head of scars
Is it the academics?, I Suppose,
That feeling, the worst one
The feeling of silence around me
No one to help in the woods
Who will talk to me? No one’s there
I am silence, No identity, I will be silent
Silence forever, inside the inside of me.